From our friends at LegalShield.

Imagine Richard, one of your covered employees, is selling his house and wants to buy a new home with his wife and three children. He has a lot of paperwork to go over with his real estate agent and isn’t quite sure where to start. To complicate things even more, Richard’s 17-year-old son has just received a speeding ticket on his way to football practice.

Luckily for Richard, the benefits of working at your client’s company include a LegalShield Membership. Richard’s LegalShield provider attorney can help him take care of both his problems. Richard can submit a picture of the traffic ticket to his LegalShield law firm directly from the LegalShield mobile app. His lawyer provides representation for his son’s speeding ticket and is able to keep it from appearing on his son’s record. Richard also gives his real estate paperwork to his LegalShield law firm, who can review it for Richard and make sure everything is above board and acceptable. Richard can confidently sign the contract and move into his new home knowing he has knowledgeable lawyers on his side, while his son keeps a clean driving record.

Having his legal rights protected gives Richard peace of mind and lets him focus more on his work, leading to a more productive employee. That’s the power of LegalShield!

According to a research study con­ ducted by Decision Analyst. Inc. and published in “The Legal Needs of American Families.” 66% of respondents reported they had to take at least one day off work in the past 12 months to deal with one or more legal issues. That’s two out of every three workers.

The concept of a Provider Law Firm network is revolutionary in the legal services industry. LegalShield does not operate under the structure of a PPO (list of providers to choose from) like other legal service plans.

ERISA: Do you have employees in multiple states and want them on the same plan? Because we have multiple plans and our plans face restrictions in some states, a single legal plan/rate can be applied to employees in all states only if your company chooses to comply with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). To comply with ERISA your company must do the following:

  • Adopt a Board Resolution endorsing the benefit plan
  • Prepare a Written Endorsement of the benefit plan
  • Prepare a Summary Plan Description/Plan Document
  • Make annual IRS filing, Form 5500 and Schedules

Our corporate office can provide assistance in preparing these ERISA documents. Discuss ERISA with your LegalShield representative to see if it’s the right solution for your company.  A minimum of 100 individuals is required to establish an ERISA group.



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