Personal Finance

With financial wellness quickly becoming a new class of benefits and new solutions hitting the market each day it is important to fully understand the role each will play in an overall strategy. The offerings an employer chooses could encompass one or more of the following employee resources:

  • Personal Finance and Employee Benefits Education: Budgeting, Debt, Financial Goals, Health Insurance, 401(k), etc.
  • Student Loan Repayment/Tuition Assistance
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Short-Term/Employee Loans
  • Employee Discounts
  • Budgeting and Cash Management Tools/Technology
  • Personal Finance Counseling/Coaching
  • Financial Advising
  • Healthcare Cost Transparency & Comparison Tools
  • Telehealth / Telemedicine
  • Identity Theft & Credit Monitoring
  • Retirement Savings Models
  • Tax Savings Accounts 401(k) – HSA/HRA/FSA
  • 529 Plans



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