Does your organization engage in partnering with non-profit based relationships for the betterment of the community?  Some benefits are:

  1. Employees can be encouraged to involve their family;
  2. The community benefits; and
  3. The employer’s reputation is enhanced.

Today’s millennials and generation Z are reshaping the organization’s philanthropic connection to their community. This can be a powerful employee attraction and retention tool.

When an employer’s culture includes proactively promoting a variety of opportunities for social engagement, not only does the employee have a work environment that is conducive to creativity and developing relationships with co-workers, engagement in the community, and additional opportunities for work-life balance, the employer’s reputation also positively grows. With this, employers should see several benefits – specifically, a reduction in turnover as they have a labor force that wants to work for the employer. In turn, an employer will see a positive impact on turnover reduction, recruiting costs and an overall improvement in productivity.




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